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  UNDSS Warden System

What is it and how it Works?

In each country there is a need for a security plan known as Country Security Plan.
The aim and scope of this plan is the Safety and the Security of UN personnel and to ensure procedures are in place to deal with any crisis that may occur.
A limb of CSP (Country Security Plan) is a Warden System which serves to disseminate information fast and easily among the Staff.
The Warden System mostly is organized in two forms: following the organizational hierarchy or geographical location, UNDSS warden system is based on geographical location.

In the warden system the most senior person is SRSG/DO (Designated Official), the DO is accountable to the UN Secretary General through USG for Safety and Security.
Each Warden shall have assigned one or more Alternate wardens and Sub Wardens who will assist and take over the role of the warden in case that warden is missing from mission area, so in this way there will be no lack of communications or any gaps in the Warden system.

Wardens are those Staff Members who voluntarily agree or are assigned to take over the role of a warden.
• The Warden will function as a channel of communication between the DO and UN Personnel.
• Check to see that instructions on precautionary measures are being complied with.
• Ensure that official visitors for whom the warden is responsible are included as temporary members of the Warden’s zone.
• Ensure that individual preparation measures are being followed.
• Keep an updated list of international personnel in the section/unit, with details of Full names, address, means and method of communication, off/on duty, blood type, and specify needs if any.
• Prepare a map showing the residential location of each member in his ward.
• Prepare a list identifying vehicles assigned to staff in the Ward that may be used in an emergency to transport personnel to Relocation or Concentration points.
• Ensures that information is updated monthly and that a selected Security Officer or Head of the Department/Section is well informed of the same, and
• As Alternate/Sub Warden be prepared to take over duties as warden in the absence of the appointed warden.
• As a Warden or Alternate Warden Make sure to leave your contact details and other meaning of communication with the Security and DOA
• Carry out other duties as assigned by the DO.

Compliance with Security Messages/Instructions
Your warden passes security messages and information to you. It is imperative that you strictly follow all security instructions issued by or on behalf of the Designated Official

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