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UNDSS TRAINING CALENDAR (January - December 2013)

Please be advised that the Security based training program calendar has been amended to facilitate adherence to the SMT mandated SSAFE attendance for all UN staff as a key priority. SSAFE (Safe and Secure Approaches in Field Environments) has been expanded into a 3 day program and will be conducted by UNAMID based upon a comprehensive feedback and assessment process.

  1. SSAFE - English
  2. SSAFE - Arabic
  3. HF/VHF Radio
  4. MAP Reading
  5. GPS and Compass Use
  6. Fire Fighting Training
  7. Uniform Guard Force (UGF) Training

Please note that weekly security briefings for newly arriving staff will now be conducted by UNDSS FSCO Khartoum. Contact UNDSS for details regarding this event. Please send any inquiries and nominations for any training programs to: dss.khartoum@undp.org.


January - December 2013




Weekly Security Briefing

Every Tuesday 14:00PM




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